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He That Hath An Ear

Prophetic Word Given through Maryiann Sitton

This is an hour to rejoice because Jesus is Lord! We do hear of the suffering, but we also know of the triumph. And this is an hour that there is to be a turning of events. Because we have come to the time when the Lord in His mercy and in his glory and in His power is going to so pour out His Spirit that the church shall rise out of every bondage that has held her–the fear, the depressions, the needs, the sicknesses. The hour has come when we shall see her rise up and shake herself from every shackle. This is the time to rejoice, this is the time to rise up and say, "Yea, the Lord hath won the battle. Yea the Lord hath triumphed and I am set free. Surely the Lord hath given me a new song and I will sing unto Him, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings."

And know you this: that very shortly you shall see a great change of events, both in the natural and in the spiritual –for time is later than you think. Time both in the natural and in the spiritual, for God is moving, God is accelerating His pouring out of His Spirit. He is moving in a very beautiful and wonderful way in this hour It’s an hour to rejoice in, because surely the Lord has seen the darkness enveloping many areas of the earth.

But surely know this: that as the Lord Jesus Christ was the Light of the world, so is the Church the light of the world. And you are the light of the world, as you are the Church. And though you will see a great number of events–many events that shall cause great fear on the face of the earth–changes in nations, changes in people, changes in great areas. Be not overcome with fear, but stand in triumph, knowing that God is in full control. Has he not always come at the hour of greatest need? Has he not always triumphed in every moment of history? Has He not always led His people through? Has He not always had a word for you in the very moment that you needed it? And He would say unto you in this time, "Stand and sing in the face of every sudden calamity and every sudden change."

Because God is on the scene, He’s behind the scene, He’s under the scene, He’s over the scene and He’s moving like a mighty army in His Church. He’s releasing the power of the supernatural to His people. Your will see the Church rise with healing in her wings as she never has. You will see the maimed made whole, you will see the blind see as they never have. You will see mass miracles and mass healings, you will see the dead raised. You will see the phenomena of the supernatural as the glory of God enters His church and enters His people.

Rejoice, it’s the hour, it’s the time of releasing of the children of the Lord unto the world of the supernatural where people shall say, "Even the gods have come among us." Oh sing and dance and rejoice, because though the earth be shaken, and there will be great shakings– the Lord is on the scene and He will cause triumph and glory and honor to come unto the name of Jesus, Hallelujah!


Maryiann Sitton is an anointed handmaiden and minister of God.   She has written several books and has a weekly television show that reaches many throughout the country.  She also is the founder of Shiloh Christian Ministries located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Hamilton, Montana. Shiloh's annual camp meetings have blessed many over the years.  For more information about her ministry you may contact Maryiann Sitton by e-mail at:

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