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Glory or Terror?

Taken from The Trumpet Call Bulletin

by Doug Fortune

A drastic change in the spiritual climate is about to occur. All that has been stored up is about to overflow... the heavens shall pour forth!  The prayers, the intercession, the supplication that has risen before Me as incense, shall overflow. The wrath of My justice and righteous holiness shall overflow. All that which has held back this overflow shall be brought down. For this is My day... I am coming as LORD of hosts and I shall see My will accomplished.

For a time I have held back and stayed My  hand... now I shall cry out as a woman in travail, and this cry shall topple kingdoms and hew down those thought to be mighty. The great and terrible Day of the Lord is at hand! And what is the trumpet sounding in the land, it is the shout of "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"   For those whose eyes are lifted and looking, and whose hearts are prepared with repentance and humility, it shall be the culmination and outpouring of the prayers of the ages, resulting in the greatest spiritual outpouring known to man. These shall be the days the prophets of old longed for and prophesied of. 

There shall also be a great outpouring of My wrath upon those who have rebelled against Me, for I shall harden their hearts and turn them over to their reprobate minds. Did I not say that "Darkness will cover the earth, and gross darkness the people?" I will allow a spiritual darkness that is so pervasive and intense that the efforts of man will have no effect upon it. However, My glory shall also be rising upon a people who have humbled themselves in prayers, fastings, repentance and humility. These shall walk in a spiritual authority that has not been known to man because the unanswered prayers of the ages and injustices suffered for ages shall suddenly overflow in recompense.

Lift up your eyes for the day is coming and the bride must make herself ready! I ask you, will you be ready or will you be found wanting? Will you be among those upon which My glory is rising as a covering of authority and power?... or will you be among those to whom My glory is a burning inferno of judgment? Search your heart... search your ways... search your words... remove the leaven while there is time, for the day is approaching when I shall shut the door that no man can open... and woe unto those who are unprepared!

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