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America' Last Call

"On the Brink of A Financial Holocaust"

By David Wilkerson

Note: We are sharing this book review due to the importance of its message to the U.S.A.


David Wilkerson's latest book is a warning to America that this nation rests on the brink of a financial holocaust. Brother David, as a "watchman on the wall," gives a prophetic warning to our country. His cry is based, not on any personal prophetic revelation, but rather on a sound scriptural basis as to how God has dealt with sinful and wicked nations in the past. This book states that although America is facing judgment for her many sins and abominations; as Christians, we can rejoice in God's promises of faithfulness to His people in trying times. There is still time to prepare for the days ahead and this book will help all that are willing to seek God's will in the hour of national judgment.

A cartoon appeared in a New York City newspaper picturing the Titanic leaving port. The ship was renamed The U.S. Economy. The caption above it read: "not even God can sink this ship!" Since we all live in this nation we are all on this "ship." However, if you are a Christian there is a place of safety that is made available to all who will seek God for it. The Bible says in John 6:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

A quote from this book says, "America is receiving her last call to repent! The American dream is going to turn into the American nightmare. It will occur suddenly -- without warning -- and no one will be able to explain how or why it happened. There will be sellers only -- no buyers. A majority of Americans have concluded, 'Morals do not count. Let our leaders do as they please; just give us a booming economy. Let the good times roll. All that matters is prosperity!' God is about to crush this abominable American mindset."

This book will leave you with a burden for our nation and a desire to pray for repentance as the author discusses why these things are going to happen. Many people who have already read about his warnings are worried about their financial future. They are asking questions such as:

* Where can I put my money?
* What investments will be safe during the dark times ahead?
* Will there be any protective havens for my savings?
* And what about my Social Security and my retirement funds?
* What's God saying about debt and mortgages?
* Will I lose my house in the coming holocaust?
* What will I do if I lose my job and can't find employment?
* How will I be able to support my family?
* Should I store up food?
* How can I prepare for this awful event?
* If this warning is true, where can I turn for some answers?

The last chapter gives the answer and the secret to surviving the coming crash. I highly recommend all Christians to read this book so they will not be caught unaware. --- Betty Miller


David Wilkerson is founder of Teen Challenge, Inc., the worldwide Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry. He is the author of The Cross and the Switchblade, The Vision, Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately?, Hungry for More of Jesus, Revival on Broadway and many other books. David and his wife, Gwen, live in New York City, where he serves as senior pastor of Times Square Church.

The book, America's Last Call, is available in paperback priced at $10.99 in our Chapel Bookstore catalog.

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